Godzilla One of the most well known monsters of the movies is Godzilla with the original taking place in 1954. It continues to be a commonly watched movie in both the original form and they remake from 1998. There have also been several series and spin offs from GodzillaContinue Reading

Description In the early 1990s, time travelers from the distant future appeared with a warning for Japan. Dubbed the Futurians, the time travelers told of the eventual destruction that Godzilla would bring to the nation. They also revealed a solution to save the country. Bringing back research compiled in the future, theContinue Reading


About Rodan Alias Radon Monster Zero-Two Fire Rodan[1] First appearance Rodan (1956) Latest appearance Godzilla 2 (2018) Created by Ken Kuronuma Portrayed by: Shōwa series Haruo Nakajima Kōji Uruki Masaki Shinohara Teruo Aragaki Millennium series Naoko Kamio Rodan Rodan is classified as a Pteranodon in the movies. It is sometimesContinue Reading