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One of the most well known monsters of the movies is Godzilla with the original taking place in 1954. It continues to be a commonly watched movie in both the original form and they remake from 1998. There have also been several series and spin offs from Godzilla that have done well all over the world. Godzilla originated in Japan but it didn’t take long for everyone to want to discover more about this particular monster.

The original image of Godzilla was {a very tall and powerful |a powerful and very tall} monster. Black in color, he resembled a dragon in many aspects including the tail and how he walked. Many believe the face and the roar of Godzilla are very common of an ape. In fact it is believed that the concept for King Kong was derived from these early images of Godzilla. The look of Godzilla has changed in many ways from one film to the next but the overall idea is still the same.

The special effects in Godzilla movies and video games have improved with time. This is due to technology but not all fans have enjoyed it. They want the stores of Godzilla to stay true to the originals. In fact, more people would rather watch the original 1954 Godzilla movie than the remake of 1998 with all the special effects. It just goes to show how deep the history of a particular image in the movies can go in the minds of viewers.

Today there are still plenty of toys and games on the market that reflect from Godzilla. You can find them at most toy stores and even online. Many of the original Godzilla toys though and other memorabilia that came out in 1954 are worth a great deal of money though. {Collectors are willing to pay top dollar for these items especially if they are in mint condition.|If they are in mint condition, collectors are willing to pay top dollar for these items especially.} For those that prefer other modes of entertainment, Godzilla is also found in comic books and science fiction books.

Today Godzilla and the images of him are still the most popular in Japan where they originated. In the United States it is a very well recognized icon. In fact many actors and actresses joke that they don’t have a star on the Walk of Fame but Godzilla does!

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