Godzilla Movies

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Godzilla Movies

It seems that each time a new Godzilla movie comes out the sales for that original soar again. In fact it was redone when DVD’s emerged on the market and it is sure to be on the list of Blu-Ray discs that people will be able to buy. An original Godzilla movie in high definition may be better than ever before. , if you haven’t watched a Godzilla movie in a while though you should relax and enjoy one.

The original Godzilla movie released in 1954 from Japan was an immediate hit. People all over Japan were mesmerized by this monster and the story line in this science fiction show. It didn’t take long before countries all over the world were interested in Godzilla as well. Some modifications of the Japanese version were made and released in the United States. It was called Godzilla, King of Monsters. It was a top movie for a very long time and Godzilla has been well recognized ever sense.

In the movie industry, anything that is such a big hit that it takes on a life of its own continues to evolve. They know viewers are going to pay to see new releases and sequels as they come out. They are almost always proven to be money makers so it doesn’t take very much to convince investors to back such projects. Some of these movies include Godzilla Raids Again and the very action packed King Kong Vs. Godzilla.

There have been a total of 28 movies released that feature Godzilla in them. Most of them have made quite a bit of money for the film industry. Some have been better done and better received by audiences than others. Still, no one seems to be able to top that original Godzilla movie that started it all.

The original movie of Godzilla made quite an impact on viewers though. Many people were very critical of the remake of it in 1998. They assumed it would be the same story but with enhanced features. In many regards this was true but there were enough changes to the story line that people weren’t happy. Even with all of the special effects many critics and viewers preferred the original Godzilla movie to the new one.

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