Were people sympathetic to Godzilla when he was destroyed in the movies?

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The answer to this question may vary depending on the specific movie and the audience’s perspective. In general, Godzilla is often portrayed as a destructive force, and the human characters in the movies typically try to stop or defeat him to protect themselves and their communities.

However, over the years, the portrayal of Godzilla has evolved, and some movies have depicted him as more of a sympathetic or even heroic character. In these movies, Godzilla may be seen as a protector of the Earth, fighting against other monsters or forces that threaten the planet.

Ultimately, whether or not people are sympathetic to Godzilla’s destruction in the movies depends on the specific context and the individual viewer’s perspective. Some people may see Godzilla as a villain who must be stopped, while others may see him as a tragic figure who is misunderstood and unfairly targeted.

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