About Rodan

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About Rodan

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Alias Radon
Monster Zero-Two
Fire Rodan[1]
First appearance Rodan (1956)
Latest appearance Godzilla 2 (2018)
Created by Ken Kuronuma
Portrayed by: Shōwa series
Haruo Nakajima
Kōji Uruki
Masaki Shinohara
Teruo Aragaki
Millennium series
Naoko Kamio


Rodan is classified as a Pteranodon in the movies. It is sometimes represented like a competitor and enemy of Godzilla, but is usually portrayed together of Godzilla’s friends, much like Anguirus. Rodan and Anguirus both began as enemies of Godzilla, which describes the sporadic enmity involving the animals and Godzilla himself to the rare situation that they are pitted against one another.


Rodan features a somewhat crazy fighting style. The flying beast will most likely attack an enemy from behind, preventing beam weapons and his enemy’s nails. Rodan has displayed a penchant for pulling on the eye of an opponent to give his allies time to recover from their pains and uses geography and location to dodge enemy beam weapons. Rodan has also shown an ability to think with simple tactics, presenting Godzilla necessary distractions in the future to grips with their common enemy and enabling Mothra to climb onto his back to compensate for their own lack of ranged attacks.



Rodan Cry (30kb)    Rodan Cry – Windows .wav format (30kb)



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