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Sun. Oct 17th, 2021

Godzilla Games

Movies, Trivia, and Godzilla Facts

Etymology of Godzilla

Godzilla’s Family Tree

At one period, the theory of Gojira was described as “a cross between a gorilla and also a whale”.

The word alludes to the size, power and aquatic source of Godzilla. A favorite story is that Gojira was really a nickname Ishiro Honda and associates used to described a fellow worker of Toho who was “oversize and rough-looking”.

Contrary to popular notion, the non-traditional Godzilla spelling wasn’t the concept of the American provider. Before the movie was sold by them to US vendors, the international department of Toho had initially promoted an English-subtitled print below the name of Godzilla. As found by Ed Godziszewki and Godzilla historians Steve Ryfle Toho came up with Godzilla as a coarse English transliteration of the name Gojira.

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