In the Godzilla franchise, Godzilla is depicted as having a variety of powers and abilities that he can use to defend himself and attack his enemies. Some of the powers that have been attributed to Godzilla include: Super strength: Godzilla is portrayed as being extremely strong, and capable of liftingContinue Reading


Godzilla is a popular media franchise featuring the titular giant monster. The franchise includes movies, television shows, and video games. The first Godzilla video game was released in 1978, and since then, there have been many other Godzilla games released. Here is a list of some of the more notableContinue Reading

Godzilla is a popular movie franchise for several reasons: Unique and Memorable Design: Godzilla’s design is one of the most iconic in movie history. It’s instantly recognizable, distinctive, and memorable. The creature’s size, strength, and appearance are awe-inspiring, and this has contributed to its popularity. Social and Political Commentary: TheContinue Reading


Godzilla Games The various types of Godzilla video games have gone from very basic concepts with some action to very detailed games. The colors, sounds, and the movements are all part of the creativeness that continues to entice players to choose this type of game over another one. Some ofContinue Reading

  Godzilla One of the most well known monsters of the movies is Godzilla with the original taking place in 1954. It continues to be a commonly watched movie in both the original form and they remake from 1998. There have also been several series and spin offs from GodzillaContinue Reading